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One 50-litre batch of beer
equals 6 cases of 24. (4 cases
of 500ml bottles).
Our all-natural beers contain
no preservatives. Shelf life is
3 months and must be
refrigerated at all times.

Our Beers

Old Country Lager

Brewed with purified soft water and three different malts to create a very smooth German style lager. Slightly bitter with added body and flavour, but very refreshing. 5% alcohol.


A light bodied North American style lager. Contains corn syrup to lighten the taste and colour. Very smooth and easy drinking. 5% alcohol.


Deep gold in colour with a rich, malty taste. Lots of hop aroma with some bitterness. Comparable to a Bavarian lager. 5% alcohol.

Special Dry

Brewed from rice and barley producing a smooth lager with no aftertaste. Recommended for those that prefer a light taste with no bitterness. 5.5% alcohol.


Our Pilsner is a real Pilsner style beer originating in the city of Pilsen, Czech Republic. Golden in colour, full bodied, dry and bitter, 5% alcohol.

Honey Brown

Golden in colour with a subtle honey flavour. Quite smooth for those who enjoy an easy drinking beer. 5.5% alcohol.

Rusty Red

Brewed in the style of Rickards with caramel and corn syrup to produce a light and somewhat sweet flavour. Very smooth. 5% alcohol.


Brewed during the Bavarian beer festival, we make it year round. Amber in colour with lots of roasted barley to provide a strong, malty taste. 6% alcohol.

Low Carb

A refreshing and mild tasting beer. The brewing process uses more simple, fermentable sugars and we ferment twice as long to lower the residual sugar resulting in lower carbs. 5% alcohol, 3.5 grams carbs per 500ml bottle.


A refreshing and mild tasting beer similar to Coors Light. 4% alcohol.

Light Lime

We use our light beer and add a touch of lime. 4% alcohol.

Special Dark

Full bodied dark and packed with flavor. 5% alcohol.

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