Your Wedding - Your Wines

All weddings recieve ten percent off the entire cost of wines and beers

Consider our premium wines and craft beers for your Buck and Doe as well, along with our refridgerated keg dispensing trailer

Yes we can keg wine as well!!


Pouring wine at a weddingGetting Married? Come down and visit the friendly staff at Reds Whites and Brews to customize your wedding wine and craft beers made right just for you.


Order your wedding wines and craft beers with us and save 10 percent off of the entire cost. Save hundreds compared to retail cost


It takes a lot of time and planning when preparing for a wedding! Enjoy excellent wines and excellent value by starting your wines early and letting the wine age for your wedding day.


License Requirements

Ontario Liquor Laws allow you to attain a Special Event License  and legally serve Ferment-on-Premise wines at your family events: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other private family functions like reunions. You may also serve commercial products under the same license. You may not sell Ferment-on-Premise wines at your special events.


Wedding WinesTimelines for Red And White Wines 

  • Fermenting Process, from yeast pitch to bottling day: 5-8 weeks.
  • Aging Requirements, from bottling day to wedding day, 2-4 months

(or more aging, will only improve your wines.)

*cutting your timeline short, we can make excellent recommendations!

Serving Guidelines

  1. How many guests will be attending your wedding?  ______

  2. Divide number of guest by three  _____ (this number is the minimum amount of bottles required)

  3. Divide number of bottles by 30 to determine the number of batches you will need (round up) _____

  4. Make sure you reserve a couple of bottles for your first anniversary!

  5. Perhaps you would like to make an extra batch and bottle in 375 ml bottles, with a customized thank you label, to give to your guests as an extra special token of your appreciation for their attendance on your special day!​

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